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Buying Guide

When We Buy

Kinder Kloset buys clothes, toys, books, equipment and furniture every Wednesday from 10:00AM - 7:00PM. 


We will take appointments on a non-Wednesday but limit it to two totes of items.

We buy seasonally:  spring and summer clothes from February through July, and fall and winter clothes from August through January.  Our staff will be happy to clarify what season we're currently buying for--just ask!

Please call ahead if you have questions regarding your items.

How We Buy

Kinder Kloset pays cash, on the spot, for items we buy. We are not a consignment store--you'll be paid immediately upon accepting our offer!

Here's how it works:

  • Bring in your used items in sellable condition in a box, plastic tote, or other suitable container.  Please, no paper or plastic bags.

  • Our staff will look over your items and make an offer to you for the items we wish to purchase.  Our staff will buy items that we believe we can sell, which may not be everything you would like to sell to us.  We are happy to answer questions regarding our buying decisions.

  • We conduct a thorough safety check on items we buy, and simply cannot accept items that have been recalled or have widespread safety concerns. 

  • Generally, we will make a lump-sum cash offer, especially for clothing.  It is not always feasible to detail our offer on an "a la carte" basis.

  • The amount you are offered depends on condition, our ability to sell the item, and our current stock, and can vary from week to week.  We pride ourselves on offering a fair price for items we buy, keeping in mind our goal of offering items for sale at a reasonable price.  Again, our staff is happy to answer questions should you want more information.

  • Should you accept our offer, you will be paid upon pick-up, in cash, the full amount offered.  Items we don't buy are yours to take with you.

What We Buy

Every Wednesday at Kinder Kloset, our staff gears up to make room for all the clothes your children have outgrown, don't want, or don't use. 

At Kinder Kloset, we don't limit ourselves to buying only certain "boutique" or "name" brands.  We believe that quality is more important than brand.  If we can sell it, we'll buy it. 

As stated above, we buy seasonally for clothes.  It's not likely that we'll buy a Hallowe'en costume in March, nor do we usually buy many swimsuits in October.  Please call ahead if you're not sure about which season we're buying for.

Toys, Stuffed Animals, Games, etc.

We try to carry a wide assortment of toys, dolls, playsets, stuffed animals, board and electronic games, etc.  Please ensure that sets, games, etc. have all their pieces, and that items that require batteries are equipped and functional.  Outdoor toys, games, and playsets are purchased seasonally, as are bikes, roller skates, etc.

Furniture and Equipment

We buy furniture such as bassinets, toddler beds, small dressers, etc., depending on the room available in our store.  However, due to an overwhelming number of recalls and safety concerns, we do not buy or sell cribs or car seats.

We buy equipment such as pack-n-plays, strollers, high chairs, jumpers, exersaucers, etc. 

We have strict criteria for the things we buy, and simply do not purchase items that are recalled or have widespread safety concerns.  Please call ahead if you have specific questions regarding your items.

When We Buy
How We Buy
What We Buy
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